Update: Forrest Gump is no longer my favorite movie

A staple of American cinema and part of arguably the greatest movie class ever, Forrest Gump has long been my favorite movie of all-time. So much so that I even tried to dress up as Forrest a few years ago for Halloween.

A few Christmases ago, my sister decided to buy me the book, as well as the book's sequel, so I might understand where the greatness of the movie was born.

I didn't read it right away. It sat on my shelf alongside a bunch of other great books I still have yet to read. But I finally decided it was time to open up a book and read something for my own enjoyment for the first time in many years.

I picked up both Gump books as well as Playing for Pizza by John Grisham (which will be a re-read but I know it'll be fantastic). I'm now a little more than halfway through Forrest Gump, and let me tell you -- it has ruined the movie for me in all the right ways.

*** Spoiler alert ***

I knew there were differences between the book and the film adaptation. But I didn't know what they may be, or how many there actually were. I'll try my best not to give anything too major away, but forgive me if I do.

First of all, the book is written in the voice of Forrest, but it's a lot coarser and more vulgar than the guy Tom Hanks played. I don't use the kind of language he does because it's offensive, but I understand why it's there, and as such it makes the character seem more real, and not a mere simpleton who fell ass-backwards into an amazing life story.

Second, there's a lot more that happens in the book than you see in the movie. For example, Forrest is actually a math genius, and thanks to his talent he is recruited by NASA to become an astronaut.

Like I mentioned before, I haven't actually finished the book yet, so I don't know much more, but it's so good that it has already knocked the movie out of the top spot on my list. 

So what movie is going to replace it?

I don't have an answer for that yet. "Saving Private Ryan," another Tom Hanks selection, could compete for the crown. "The Natural" is a classic, and we all know how I feel about "Bruce Almighty." "I Am Legend" and "Focus" are two dynamite Will Smith flicks. I also love "Eddie & The Cruisers," "Eight Mile," and "Gran Torino." And if you've never seen the 1990 Buffalo Bills video yearbook, I've shared it below so you can understand why something so old and out of date still brings me so much joy:

If you enjoy reading, I highly recommend the first half of Forrest Gump. And if you have someone to read it to, be sure to use an accent.

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