UB Softball Attempting to Host Ohio for the First Time Since 2013

The usually-biennial trip to Western New York has arrived once again for the Ohio softball team. The Bobcats (23-22, 11-8 MAC) have won eight of their last 10 conference contests, including two of their three home games against Western Michigan this past weekend during the program's 50th anniversary celebration at the Ohio Softball Field. Their current position - fifth place in the MAC table - could be bolstered in these three games against ninth-place Buffalo (15-25, 7-11 MAC), but if history tells us anything, it's that one very important variable has yet to play its part in determining the Bobcats' postseason fate. Carolyn Spacek (right) celebrates her third-inning home run with  Lauren Yuhas (1)  and Megan McMenemy (21) at Canisius College's Demske Sports Complex.   March 19, 2022 Field conditions and weather at Nan Harvey Field have been responsible for the Ohio-UB series getting relocated or cancelled each of the last four times they've been scheduled to meet

The Story Behind the Hilarious Marshawn Lynch Applebee’s Clip

A video from 2007 featuring then-rookie running back Marshawn Lynch has recently been making the rounds on social media. The clip then exploded when ESPN tweeted it out on Wednesday, allowing many followers to enjoy its humour for the first time. While the video itself is funny enough, there’s a heavy backstory to it that many who weren’t Bills fans at the time might not know. - - -  Willis McGahee was drafted by the Bills in 2003, and from 2004-2006 was the team’s starting running back.   After the 2006 season ended, McGahee sat down for an interview with Penthouse, in which he seemed to suggest the team should move to Canada. The comments did not sit well with fans, who for nearly two decades had to deal with relocation rumours surrounding the team. They despised him for what he said; they burnt posters of him, wrote songs for their YouTube channels, sold “Willis is Trash” t-shirts, and even chipped in for billboards. About two months after (and perhaps because of) the Penthouse cha

Forgot About Buffalo: What’s the inspiration?

Some of you may look at our logo and wonder why it looks vaguely familiar. Many more may have no idea what it is or why we chose it. Here's its origin:    In January 2000, Roswell Park Cancer Institute announced they would be teaming up with the Burchfield-Penney Art Center to put on a fundraiser unique to Western New York. The two organizations received over 450 bids from local artists who intended to turn the plain, life-size statues of buffalo into distinctive works of art. The completed pieces of those chosen would then be placed all over the city for the duration of the summer, and in October of that year, would be auctioned off with the proceeds benefiting both parties.  The driving force behind the project’s formulation was Patty Capstraw Wilkins. Wilkins had been diagnosed with stage four colon cancer in 1998, and received treatment at Roswell Park. Inspired by Chicago’s Cows On Parade in 1999, Wilkins envisioned hordes of buffalo roaming around Western New York in a si

Coronavirus be damned: At Long Last, Buffalo Is Big League

It took 135 years, but Buffalo, N.Y. is finally back in the major leagues. Bo Bichette greets a teammate while wearing the Buffalo Bisons' "Blue Jays Weekend" jersey at Sahlen Park in July 2019. (James P. McCoy/Buffalo News) Justin Trudeau , Tom Wolf , Mark Shapiro , Mike Buczkowski , and a host of other important people somehow revived a dream that died in 1991 . Okay, okay, we’ll reel it in a bit now. It’s not permanent. The Blue Jays will go back to Canada just as soon as their government allows. But for 28 glorious summer days and nights , Buffalo will be one of the most important places in the sports world. For the countless people in this town who have bled Bisons baseball since their first time at Offerman War Memorial Pilot Dunn Tire Coca-Cola Sahlen Field, this is a big, big deal. I wasn’t born in the stadium’s heyday, in the midst of the city’s push for a National League expansion team, but the reminders of those glory days are still v

NYS License Plates Need To Be Fixed, But So Does The Plan To Fix Them

The five proposed redesigns for New York State license plates. Earlier this week, New York State announced a plan to overhaul its current license plate design. Governor Andrew Cuomo said that the new plates will solve several issues, like the fact the current ones are peeling and can’t be read by the new cashless tolls that will permeate the state in the next few years . The plan will also give New York automobiles a uniform license plate look, as the last redesign in 2010 did not mandate that drivers surrender their old blue and white plates for the current gold and blues. There’s a lot to unpack here, so bear with me. --- Issue 1: We have to pay for new plates --- One of the biggest reasons New Yorkers are howling is because the change comes with additional, mandatory fees. A two-year registration renewal costs $10 (not bad considering most meals at Burger King come to at least $8 before tax). Now, there will be a $25 fee tacked on to get whichever new desig

Crankypants Rod Watson won't let Bills fans enjoy their week

As you undoubtedly know by now, the Buffalo Bills are a playoff team for the first time since I reached puberty. Doug Flutie still won't be their quarterback for their showdown in Jacksonville, but another quarterback who's a slightly undersized dual threat will be under center so it's all okay. Since the last time the Bills played beyond Week 17, we've lived through eight  Fast and Furious  movies, four presidencies, the deaths of Robin Williams, short airport waits, AIM, and Osama bin laden, the entirety of Arnold Schwarzenegger's political career, and the releases of 25 different variations of Pepsi. The fact that no Bills playoff games occurred in the same span that featured two separate TV shows starring Kevin James and Leah Remini is something to marvel at. But Buffalo News columnist Rod Watson is not amazed. Or amused. Or even apathetic. In fact, he's downright angry . At the inevitable watch parties, we should use halftime for mass therapy se