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April 4, 2020 Keuka Park, NY

NYS License Plates Need To Be Fixed, But So Does The Plan To Fix Them

Earlier this week, New York State announced a plan to overhaul its current license plate design. Governor Andrew Cuomo said that the new plates will solve several issues, like the fact the current ones are peeling and can’t be read by the new cashless tolls that will permeate the state in the next few years. The plan will also give New York automobiles a uniform license plate look, as the last redesign in 2010 did not mandate that drivers surrender their old blue and white plates for the current gold and blues.
There’s a lot to unpack here, so bear with me.
--- Issue 1: We have to pay for new plates ---
One of the biggest reasons New Yorkers are howling is because the change comes with additional, mandatory fees. A two-year registration renewal costs $10 (not bad considering most meals at Burger King come to at least $8 before tax). Now, there will be a $25 fee tacked on to get whichever new design the state lands on. And if for some reason you’re attached to your current plate number? B…

Crankypants Rod Watson won't let Bills fans enjoy their week

As you undoubtedly know by now, the Buffalo Bills are a playoff team for the first time since I reached puberty. Doug Flutie still won't be their quarterback for their showdown in Jacksonville, but another quarterback who's a slightly undersized dual threat will be under center so it's all okay.

Since the last time the Bills played beyond Week 17, we've lived through eight Fast and Furious movies, four presidencies, the deaths of Robin Williams, short airport waits, AIM, and Osama bin laden, the entirety of Arnold Schwarzenegger's political career, and the releases of 25 different variations of Pepsi. The fact that no Bills playoff games occurred in the same span that featured two separate TV shows starring Kevin James and Leah Remini is something to marvel at.

But Buffalo News columnist Rod Watson is not amazed. Or amused. Or even apathetic. In fact, he's downright angry.

At the inevitable watch parties, we should use halftime for mass therapy sessions to reaffir…

The IOC did better (this time)

This afternoon, IOC President Thomas Bach announced that the Russian Olympic Committee would be banned from competing in PyeongChang, South Korea when the XXIII Winter Olympic Games get underway in February. The Russians have been under intense scrutiny following widespread doping allegations throughout the organization surrounding the 2014 Games the country hosted in Sochi. Some athletes will still be allowed to participate, provided they can pass a rigorous and thorough examination.

The "Olympic Athletes from Russia" who are admitted will compete under the Olympic flag  will certainly draw plenty of attention, but it'll be the athletes missing from the games who will be the primary talking points in the lead-up to and throughout the Olympics. Among the highest-profile sports hit by the verdict will be ice hockey.
The NHL announced several months ago that it would not release its players and put a three-week hiatus in the middle of its season, and now the KHL will follow …

Rob Gronkowski is not a Buffalo guy

The second half of yesterday's Bills-Patriots game was only the second ugliest thing viewers witnessed on Sunday.

In the late stages of the game with Buffalo down by three scores and New England well on their way to yet another win, Tre'Davious White was locked onto Rob Gronkowski well beyond what the rules allow. His holding went uncalled, and allowed him to pick off Tom Brady's attempted pass to Gronkowski. White made the catch and went out of bounds, stopping the play. After getting up from his fall, however, Gronkowski took exception to the tugging and jostling by dropping all 265 pounds of himself onto White's head, sending him to the locker room early and into concussion protocol:

There were multiple penalties called during the ensuing fray, with Gronkowski earning an offsetting unnecessary roughness penalty but no ejection, while Buffalo's Jerry Hughes got 15 yards for yelling at an official after the cheap shot. However, the Bills still maintained possession,…

Predicting the 2018 World Cup

Earlier this morning, the draw was held to determine the groups for the 2018 World Cup. Obviously the United States won't be participating, so instead of focusing on how they would have done, let's take a look at the tournament as a whole.

 --- Group stage ---

The lack of a true group of death means Cinderellas will be less likely and big time, big money favorites will go deep, ensuring FIFA's pockets get deeper.

Group A: Russia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Uruguay

I dunno if we’re talking Human Rights Group A is the Group of Death tbqh — Ryan Keefer (@reefa_k) December 1, 2017
Somehow not even a top-three contender for the most controversial host of this millenium, the Russians drew a fairly easy group to contend with. I'm sure that sits well with Russian football authorities who will be hoping the national team can advance to the knockout stage for the first time since the breakup of the Soviet Union. 

Arguably the strongest contender in the group is Egypt. Riding a wave of moment…