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NYS License Plates Need To Be Fixed, But So Does The Plan To Fix Them

The five proposed redesigns for New York State license plates. Earlier this week, New York State announced a plan to overhaul its current license plate design. Governor Andrew Cuomo said that the new plates will solve several issues, like the fact the current ones are peeling and can’t be read by the new cashless tolls that will permeate the state in the next few years . The plan will also give New York automobiles a uniform license plate look, as the last redesign in 2010 did not mandate that drivers surrender their old blue and white plates for the current gold and blues. There’s a lot to unpack here, so bear with me. --- Issue 1: We have to pay for new plates --- One of the biggest reasons New Yorkers are howling is because the change comes with additional, mandatory fees. A two-year registration renewal costs $10 (not bad considering most meals at Burger King come to at least $8 before tax). Now, there will be a $25 fee tacked on to get whichever new desig