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Jake’s Takes: Dealing Kane offers plenty of upside

Sabres forward Evander Kane may soon be on the move. By Jake Dehlinger The Buffalo Sabres must trade Evander Kane. I said it. It might not be what you want to hear, but I’ll offer some perspective. Too many fans believe that he should be re-signed. In reality, we need to look at the team as a whole. There is no denying that Kane is essentially 25 percent of the team’s offense this season. Unfortunately for us Sabres fans, this is a problem. Too many variables play into why the Sabres must deal Kane before the deadline. Ultimately, it is up to general manager Jason Botterill with what he wants to do. Realistically, I think we will see Kane gone from a Buffalo uniform. Goal scoring is at an absolute premium in the NHL. If you can finish off of playmakers, teams want you. Teams who are looking to make deep postseason runs are definitely going to take a run at players like that. Enter Evander Kane. Kane’s stat line currently reads 12 goals and 23 points throu

Old Team Tuesday to undergo changes

As some of you more faithful readers may have noticed, last week went by without an Old Team Tuesday entry. This week will be more of the same. Why? I have decided to push the (usually) weekly feature until later on in the week. Starting next week, Old Team Tuesday will become Defunct Franchise Friday. It will still hold the same content, standards, and informative value with just a few extra days of preparation to ensure the articles are timely, organized, and well-edited. In the mean time, I'd like to hear from you as to what the first Defunct Franchise Friday should be. Cast your vote in the poll below: What team should next week's post discuss? — Matt Birt (@BirtMC) November 28, 2017

Where The Mild Wings Are

The night Matt wore his jersey and made mischief of one kind and another his broski asked for mild wings and Matt said “I ATE THEM UP!” so he was sent to Edie’s to get more food. That very night in Matt’s car his stomach growled and growled and growled until his hungry self could take no more and the drive became unbearable and a pickup rumbled by nearly cutting off poor Matt as he drove off up Best and Knab and way up Clark past J.P.’s and almost over a roundabout to where the mild wings are. And when he came to the place where the mild wings are His stomach roared its terrible roar as he opened up the door and smelled a wonderfully saucy scent and licked his salivated lips ‘til the cashier said “HELLO!” and finished up his order of 12 dozen chicken wings without celery on one and he was amazed and called Matt the most wild thing of all and made him king of all mild wings. “And now,” yelled Matt, “let the wild ru

Do you Billieve in tragic?

If you didn’t before yesterday’s game, I’m betting you do now. --- Picking up the slack --- The Southtowns Clowns essentially lost to a flag football team yesterday. The ALB Men of Mayhem had FOUR starters out on bye weeks, yet still managed to easily handle their business. It was never particularly close, and halfway through the second it was already a real possibility a full roster of Bills could still mess this one up. Deteriorating — Matt Birt (@BirtMC) November 19, 2017 Without a QB, one RB, a flex player or a defense, the Men of Mayhem still managed to win by virtue of a 12.4 point day from Demaryius Thomas and some other help along the way. Even losing all 7.6 of Jamison Crowder’s points wouldn’t be enough to give Mayhem the L. --- Clownin’ around --- Sean McDermott and the Bills took plenty of heat for benching Tyrod Taylor because the defense couldn’t hold itself. That heat turned into Mount Vesuvius by the tim

It's not all Tyrod's fault

Something's been broken at One Bills Drive as of late. Now, the Bills have tapped Nathan Peterman to fix it. Peterman will make his first NFL start at quarterback on Sunday, replacing veteran Tyrod Taylor, who's led a struggling offense through the first nine games of the season. At the tail end of Sunday's 47-10 thumping by the Saints, Peterman came in early and completed seven passes to lead the Bills on their only touchdown drive of the contest. After a 5-2 start that saw the defense give up 30+ points zero times, the last two games have gone down as major losses. The 34-21 loss to the New York Jets should've been 34-7, but two meaningless touchdowns in the waning minutes closed the gap like last call at the Galleria Mall. Sunday's atrocious 47-10 setback to New Orleans at home was the first loss in Orchard Park all season. I thought (and still do) that a large part of the issue lay with the defense. After stalwart Marcell Dareus was shipped off to Jacks

Old Team Tuesday: The Buffalo Breski’s

Old Team Tuesday is a weekly feature taking a look at former teams that have gone by the wayside. This week’s edition magnifies one of the pioneering franchises in women’s sports. ********************************************** The effects of the women’s liberation movement and Title IX on American society are nearly impossible to ignore. What were once considered traditional roles are now continuously challenged and overhauled in the name of equal opportunity. In the 1970s, few women were more synonymous with these efforts than Billie Jean King. After disrupting the pro tennis scene with a torrent of 30 combined Grand Slam victories before her 30th birthday, King defeated Bobby Riggs in the highly-publicized “Battle of the Sexes.” Riggs had managed to beat Margaret Court just a few months prior – the top-ranked female player in the world at the onset of 1973. King’s status – even before her triumph over Riggs – gave her a uniquely powerful voice in sports and beyond. S