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Forgot About Buffalo: What’s the inspiration?

Some of you may look at our logo and wonder why it looks vaguely familiar. Many more may have no idea what it is or why we chose it. Here's its origin:    In January 2000, Roswell Park Cancer Institute announced they would be teaming up with the Burchfield-Penney Art Center to put on a fundraiser unique to Western New York. The two organizations received over 450 bids from local artists who intended to turn the plain, life-size statues of buffalo into distinctive works of art. The completed pieces of those chosen would then be placed all over the city for the duration of the summer, and in October of that year, would be auctioned off with the proceeds benefiting both parties.  The driving force behind the project’s formulation was Patty Capstraw Wilkins. Wilkins had been diagnosed with stage four colon cancer in 1998, and received treatment at Roswell Park. Inspired by Chicago’s Cows On Parade in 1999, Wilkins envisioned hordes of buffalo roaming around Western New York in a si