An ode to the McPizza

I never thought it would happen. Really, truly, I never thought the McPizza would die. And yet, I was rocked with some devastating news on Tuesday:

My reaction to this news was appropriately collected and calm:

After taking the time to process this loss, I would like to now recite a poem in honor of the McPizza.

Crisp and hot you came to me
Your scent and looks alluring so
‘twas late that night, but shake in hand
I sank my teeth into your dough

O stars, what bliss! What ecstasy!
Time did stop at half past eleven
From hands of fries and apple pies
I was given a taste of heaven

Back, with haste I drove to town!
Anew with life and stomach full
A #WhabammWednesday for the books
The shocking story must be told

Of Pomeroy’s most secret fare
On eager ears the tale did fall
Exciting and enticing them,
The faithful staff of Ohio Softball

After a loss so bitter I
Dare not mention the game again
To Athens we returned at last
No longer colleagues, simply friends

Down that road I traveled whence
On that mission God decreed
Four weary, hungry, defeated souls
Pulled up to taste that treat so sweet

“If it costs two seventy-five
Just how good can this pizza be?”
Hesitation was abound
But I held fast, said wait and see

And so they came, personal pans
From out the oven for me once more
They tried, they cried, looked up and sighed
“My jaw has dropped onto the floor!”

Sixteen months on and four jobs more
Ten hours from that place by car
That special dish no longer there
Corporate goons tore out a pizza my heart

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