What food makes your fingers taste best?

Some foods aren’t designed to be eaten with your hands. But a lot of foods are. Today, I want to know what YOU think leaves the tastiest afterfoods on your fingers.

In this golden age of Cheeto fingers, one man is missed more than any other.

#3: Salt and vinegar chips

If you’re like me, and enjoy eating an entire family size bag of Lay’s in a single sitting, then you’ll understand the thrill of looking at your fingers when the bag is empty and seeing enough substance to fill the Cayuga Salt Mine two times over. While salt and vinegar chips aren’t my favorite, the afterfoods produced are definitely the most substantial of all.

#2: Wings

A saucy wing that covers not only your fingers, but your forearms, face, and table is pretty much heaven. Don't give me a wet nap, give me a bath.

#1: Cheez-It Snack Mix Double Cheese

Whatever this combination of fake powdered cheeses they’ve stuck to the crunchy morsels inside these boxes, I would take it in any possible state of matter. When I eat afterfoods that taste better on your fingers than the actual foods did before, I avoid licking my hands until the very end because I know it’s going to be worth it. These Cheez-Its take that philosophy to a whole other galaxy. 

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