Ian Ott needs our help

I wasn’t feeling particularly loquacious on this Wednesday, so to cure my writer’s block, I turned to you. I’ve decided not to limit myself to one article today. Instead, I plan to write a reply to each of the responses I receive.


I will now list some really bad, but somehow still-possible names for his teams:

- Miami Dolph-Ians
- Ott-Chester Americans

- No GAs will be as good as Jim and I were dot com
- Chris On My List
- Twerkin’ Dierkens
- Bandura of Brothers

- Charl-Ott Checkers
- Columbus Blue Jack-Otts
- New York G-Ian-ts
- Chris From A Rose

- Detroit L-Ians
- Hamilt-Ian Tiger-Cats
- Toronto Argon-Otts
- Carol-Ian Panthers
- I Wish I Was Still Working Over There
- Philadelph-Ian Flyers
- Ott-awa Senators
- You Down With O.T.T.?

- Quit Jerkin’ My Dierken
- Erie Ott-ers

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