A petty list of things that bother me

1.       When people say “___ days until my birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
2.       Feeling obligated to say “How are you doing?” to people when we all know that everyone just says it to say it
3.       “Adulting”
4.       Facebook
5.       People that drive way too close to your rear bumper
6.       People that don’t get the hint when you’re right up on their rear bumper
7.       LED headlights
8.       People with colds
9.       ESPN
10.   Cars with stick figure families
11.   Cars with eyelashes on the headlights
12.   Cars with antlers and/or red noses during Christmastime
13.   Cars with antlers and/or red noses well past Christmastime
14.   Cars that say “I’d rather be _________.” I really don’t care if you’d rather ski in Beaumont than drive your car literally every time you’re in it.
15.   When you apply for a job but never get so much as a rejection letter
16.   Giving gifts
17.   Shakespeare
18.   Wondering if I should say “bless you” every time someone sneezes
19.   Receiving gifts
20.   Low readership on my blog
21.   When someone tells you that you had a funny tweet but they don't actually retweet it
22.   Starbucks
23.   The New England Patriots
24.   Pajama pants in public
25.   Instagram captions that have nothing to do with the picture
26.   Overusing ellipses
27.   Ohio State
28.   People who say “melk” instead of “milk”
29.   Gabe from The Office
30.   Black licorice jellybeans
31.   Buffalo Wild Wings
32.   Dipping wings in ranch
33.   Maroon 5
34.   Whistling
35.   Unsweetened iced tea
36.  Describing something as 'basic' but not because you're referring to its pH
37.  The Charmin bears

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