Which commissioner would you want to have a beer with?

Rob Manfred - MLB Commissioner since 2015
Major Triumph: Instilling a 30-second time limit for managers to request video review.

Major Misstep: Introducing a no-pitch intentional walk.

Other Note: Do you think he puts straws between his front teeth when he drinks?


Adam Silver - NBA Commissioner since 2014
Major Triumph: Relocating the 2017 All-Star Game from Charlotte to New Orleans after HB2 was passed in North Carolina.

Major Misstep: Allowing ads to be placed on game uniforms.

Other Note: I didn’t realize it until today but he kind of looks like Dean Pelton from Community.


Roger Goodell - NFL Commissioner since 2006
Major Triumph: Growing the NFL on an international scale.

Major Misstep: Being the primary decision-maker in regards to suspensions.

Other Note: Might be a good guy to grab a beer with if you’re an angry drunk.


Don Garber - MLS Commissioner since 1999
Major Triumph: Went from folding two franchises for a more sustainable 10-team league in 2002 to having 22 franchises (and counting) worth more than a combined $3.5 billion.

Major Misstep: Little transparency when players are involved in trade deals that include allocation money.

Other Note: Not sure why but he just strikes me as an IPA guy.


Gary Bettman - NHL Commissioner since 1993
Major Triumph: Getting NHL players into the Olympics in 1998.

Major Misstep: Three player strikes totaling 540 days of lost hockey.

Other Note: Only commissioner whose league trophy is a vessel you’d be able to drink the beer out of.

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